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Taking Care of The Planet

Our Environmental Policy

McMillan’s Rug Spa have 20 years of cleaning experience and are experts in all
aspects of Cleaning from carpet and rug cleaning to full restoration of premises following flood or fire.
We recognise that our activities have both a local and global impact on the environment. These
impacts may be in the immediate vicinity of our site locations or more widely through the consumption
of raw materials and energy, and emissions to air, land, and water. To minimise these impacts to as
low as reasonably achievable, the Company realise that environmental protection, prevention of
pollution, energy efficiency and sustainability is integral to business operations.
In order to manage the above impacts and to achieve the objectives set out below, the company
maintain an effective Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001 : 2015.


McMillan’s are committed to the following:


Setting environmental objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement in the company’s environmental performance.


Monitoring environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice that are relevant to the company’s operations and endeavouring to take reasonable actions to ensure compliance.


Developing environmental awareness and assigning individual responsibility for environmental management amongst employees at all levels in the company.


Striving to conduct its activities in a manner designed to eliminate or minimise releases to air, land and water.


Utilising, where viable, materials and products from sustainable sources.

Waste Management

Adopting waste minimisation techniques and good housekeeping practices to ensure the most efficient use of non-sustainable resources.

Electric Power

Promoting the least environmentally damaging modes of transport where travel is unavoidable.

Environmental Friendly

Ensuring that all environmental aspects are considered for new or existing contracts, processes or equipment, in order to minimise adverse environmental impacts.

Working in Partnership

Seeking methods of improving the environmental performance of the company’s key suppliers and contractors.


Communicating openly and honestly with Clients, Interested Parties and Stakeholders with regard to environmental protection.


Monitoring the effectiveness of the company’s Environmental Management System through internal audits, external third-party audits, and management reviews.

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