Specialist Rug Cleaning Scotland

Specialist Rug Cleaning Scotland

Rug Cleaning

We are trying to roll our rug cleaning services out to the whole of Scotland as quickly and as efficiently as possible but we need to make sure its working great in the areas we have already rolled it out to.

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New Area’s

Here is a list of the areas that went live in Feburay , please click on the link to your area

Rug Cleaning Glasgow

Rug Cleaning Edinburgh

 Treat your rug to our rug spa process

Your rug can hold up to a pound of dirt per square foot before it even starts to look dirty. Over time this dry soil and grit will begin to wear your rug down and damage it fibres. Merely vacuuming the rug or manually beating is not enough to thoroughly remove this dirt.

We will give your rugs a total detox and fully remove all built up soil prior to cleaning. This process ensures that the soil doesn’t  create a mud that will coat and ‘wicks’ into fibres while your rug dries

As part of your Rugs full treatment we also use the ’Rug Badger’ – an industrial dusting machine which ‘shakes and beats’ the dust and debris out of the foundation of the rug.

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