Rug Cleaning Glasgow

Rug Cleaning Glasgow

Who doesn’t like the sound of a spa day? Well have you heard about our very own McMillans Rug Spa. We can clean your rug like no other, taking it through our extensive cleaning process, leaving them revitalised and sparkling. Rugs are often used in high traffic areas around the home, therefore collecting dust and dirt. Vacuuming alone will not remove all the debris in your rugs.  Rugs are a welcome addition to the styling of your home, they can also be very expensive to purchase, let us keep your rugs looking their best.


Rug Cleaning Glasgow. Professional Rug Cleaning. Deep Clean for Rugs

Rug Cleaning Glasgow

Stages of the Rug Cleaning Process

  • We will remove all dry soiling particles as well as any dust and dirt
  • We will gently massage the rug while its in our specialised products to remove any greasy spots and soils
  • Afterwards we thoroughly rinse to remove all the dirt and shampoo residues
  • The rug is then carefully placed on a rack in our drying room which is humidity controlled
  • After final inspection the rug is then wrapped in breathable paper

Types of Rug we Clean

  • Persian
  • Silks
  • Oriental
  • Turkish
  • Kilims
  • Tribals
  • Plus others


Benefits of Rug Cleaning

  • Removal of dirt that vacuuming alone would not remove
  • Extend the life of your rug
  • Pet urine odour removal
  • Re-shaping
  • Removal of smoke and soot odours
  • Fringe cleaning
  • Additional Stain Guard Treatment can be added to help prevent further staining


We can arrange to collect your rug from your home or you can drop it off at our base in Hillington.  The whole process from start to finish can take between 7-10 working days however if you’re in a hurry let us know.